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An effective Attic Insulation is the solution to your high energy bills. It is also extremely essential to choose the correct form of insulation for your building keeping in mind all the factors, starting from quality, effectiveness to cost.

The thermal resistance or the resistance of your home to heat flow is determined by the R-value of the insulation material used. This is an important factor to be noticed while deciding on the insulation material. It is always better to go for insulation with higher R-value since this indicates that the insulation will be more effective and you can keep your house warm in the winter season and also cool in the hot weather. After you install insulation in your attic which has a high R-value, the heat or cold from your homes will be prevented from escaping. Thus your energy efficiency will rise. An insulation should be selected which can perfectly fill all the gaps and creases in your building. Energy can be wasted through these cracks and also it can cause structural damage.

The best attic Insulation method preferred by most people these days is Spray Foam Insulation. The days of the traditional fiberglass and cellulose are gone. Spray foam insulation can be used on all cracks and crevices. It expands when sprayed so that all these gaps are filled and an airtight envelope is formed keeping the conditioned air inside. The spray solidifies in its place and does not move or settle. You require a professional to apply spray foam insulation at your home. You can find more  information here

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Spray can easily get into the tiny nooks and eliminate the drafts. The utility bills of your building will be significantly reduced. Spray Foam Insulation has an R-value of around 6 per inch compared to fiberglass which has an R-value of only 2.2 per inch. So anyone can notice the difference in thermal resistance in both the insulation materials. Traditional insulation is applied in layers and it is not capable of filling all the gaps. The texture of it is like that of a woolen cloth. Hence apart from air, rodents, termites, bugs and other such vermin are also allowed inside the home which is not at all possible through Spray Foam Insulation.

Spray Foam insulation sticks properly on the underside of floors or even inside of the walls. The resale value of homes that have been insulated with Spray Foam Insulation is much higher compared to homes insulated with fiberglass or other traditional methods. Mold growth is not at all present in spray foam insulation. Hence, go for the best attic insulation for your home and give an overall protection like an airtight envelope. Spray Foam Insulation is no doubt the best and the most effective attic insulation which is the need of the hour!